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Guitar and Piano Lessons for Kids & Adults

      My name is John Nolan and I'm certified in music education and have taught guitar for over twenty years. I teach guitar and beginner piano lessons to adults and children.

      For adults, learn to rock out on the guitar or play your favorite song. You also learn to read and play music.

       With the children, I use puppets, miniatures, animals and objects, games, movement and percussion instruments. I teach children starting as young as 3 or 4.

       Playing the guitar or piano has many benefits and you can bring joy to yourself and to everyone around you. Some of these include increasing your memory, refining your time management and organizational skills, boosting your team skills, teaching you perseverance, coordination, improving your math, reading,and comprehension skills. Playing the guitar or piano also exposes you to cultural history, sharpens your concentration, fosters self-expression, relieves stress and creates a sense of achievement.

      I teach guitar and piano lessons for children and adults in San Antonio,Texas at Bandera/Mainland . I teach in my home studio, or I can travel to your home.

For more information call or text

(210)- 543-8953

Please read my reviews.

Music for Children ( NW San Antonio)

Pre-instrumental musical training

Making music fun for children to learn musical listening, reading, and writing through singing, movement and games

Children learn to:

1) sing in tune

2) the difference between the rhythm and the beat

3) difference between high and low pitches

4) loud/soft

5) fast/slow

Guitar-all levels and styles ( can teach as young as six)

Piano- beginners only (can teach as young as four years old)

I have 20 years + teaching experience

Retired special education teacher

Reasonable prices and flexible scheduling for your convenience

Will travel to your home for additional transportation fee

References available upon request

Degree in Music & Certified Music Instructor

(210) 543-8953 (call or text)

What is the parent's role in a child learning music?

Children are highly motivated by the attitude of their parents. They must be nurtured by sincere praise and encouragement reinforced by love. Our positive reaction toward learning music will motivate the child to increase his/her musical skills through learning to play a musical instrument. A parent must appreciate each step in learning a musical instrument no matter how small it may seem. We do not pressure or criticize the child, but offer support and this gives the child an opportunity to grow.

The sensitivity a child develops to music helps promote a loving spirit which helps promote a more harmonious family environment. Since the parents are directly involved in the musical development and are constantly reminded about having positive attitudes and actions that will aid their families, they create a common bond of interest and effort that unites and strengthens them.   

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