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   According to Marie Montessori, the most important period of life is from birth to the age of six. For that is the time when his intelligence and psychic powers are being formed. Knowledge and will must be created in the child's mind. The child absorbs knowledge directly from his environment and these impressions form it.

   Zoltan Kodaly( Hungarian educator and composer) child-developmental approach relates the quarter note to the child's walking pace and the eighth note to his running pace. The child uses these rhythms in their daily living, and their singing games include these rhythms. This is the best place to begin the child's rhythmic musical development.

   Melodically, the child's first tones experienced are the tones his mother uses to call him to eat at the dinner table. Technically called a descending minor third (so-mi). There is also a three-note melody variation used most commonly- na-ni-na-ni- boo-boo. This children's chant musically would be is so-so-so-la-so-mi. The child's voice range is usually limited to 5 or 6 pitches and descending tones are easier for the young student to sing. Initially, the keys of D, Eb, and E would be the easiest pitches for the the young child to match and sing successfully.       

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