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Music lessons

Making music fun and learning at the same time is my main focus in teaching.

Guitar and piano lessons for kids & adults can be a great time for family and friends to enjoy playing and listening to music.

I teach music lessons for children of all ages. I make it fun for everyone! For the little ones, I use puppets, miniatures, animals and objects, games, movement and percussion instruments. It's all about fun and learning the guitar and piano.

Children learn musical listening, reading, and writing through singing songs, and then playing them on the piano or guitar.

Children will learn the following:

1) sing in tune

2) the difference between the rhythm /beat

3) the difference between high/low pitches

4) loud/soft

5) fast/slow

6) learn to read music notes

I teach piano for beginners only (can teach as young as 3 years old). I teach guitar to as young as 6 (must be highly motivated to learn).

I have over 20 years of teaching experience. References are available upon request.

I have a degree in music and am a certified music instructor. I have satisfactory results of fingerprinting and criminal background checks.

My rates are as follows:

- $25.00 -- for a 30-minute private lesson in my home studio

- $100.00 a month -- Each lesson is 30 minutes long.

I require an extra transportation fee of $50.00 for lessons at your house. 

Guitar and Piano Lessons for Kids & Adults

Music Lessons for Kids

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